Sunday, 29 June 2014

Artists' Diary Week 11

When one is busy the weeks just seem to fly!
I find it hard to believe half the year has gone already and still so much to do.
As usual the week that has just passed is all a little hard to remember so maybe I will just wing it this week.

I do remember delivering to my courier again and on the return trip stopping in to spend some time with my dad, that was Tuesday. Monday is a bit of a blur…framing comes to mind.

Plein air Wednesday was a bit of a loss, the wind was howling and my easel would have ended out east somewhere.

Painted with friends on Thursday and completed two 9"x12" studies.

In the afternoon I had to shoot down to Illawong to collect a huge set of bookshelves I bought off Ebay for the studio. They are fantastic and may help me to stay a bit organized!

Friday I ducked out early to paint with some local artists and a couple from Ryde Art Society. Was a bit nippy and I was pretty much finished when everyone else arrived!

'Pughs'Lagoon' 1/2 sheet w/c

Saturday was spent sorting the studio, what a huge job moving everything to fit the shelves, was a juggle but managed to get them in.

Early Sunday was up and packing for a few days up north.

This week I still have work in Camberwell
and Shoalhaven which opens this weekend, not last week as I thought.
The Daphne Young Watercolour Prize continues in Armidale as well.

What's next, well we have Taree and Drummoyne next week!

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