Sunday, 22 June 2014

Artists' Diary Week 10

I have had a pretty full week again but an exciting and productive week it has been.

Managed a couple of mornings out painting a wonderful old boat again, this time in watercolour. My first attempt was OK but the drawing was a bit out. One would never know away from the subject but it did bother me so I did it again and took some time to draw more accurately. 

 'High and Dry II'
 'High and Dry I'

Also painted the same boat in the studio from the front, all these are 1/2 sheet watercolours.
'High and Dry III'

Zipped down to the framers after painting out on Wednesday to quickly have an oil framed, the buyer was coming to collect it that afternoon. It was a gift for the headmaster who is retiring from our local school.

'The View South'

Friday evening was a wonderful event at the Hawkesbury Regional Art Gallery. Local artists and arts groups were invited to participate in the Hawkesbury Art Fair. I must say they did a wonderful job of hanging the show and the opening was a great success. I was fortunate to be asked to be a solo exhibitor and as such had my name on my wall! 

Photo credit 'Mellissa Read Devine' 

The art fair is open until the 6th of July and is definitely worth a visit.

Saturday afternoon headed into the studio and this was the result 80cmsx80cms
'Lost in a Sea of Gold'

Also found out I had won the Daphne Young Watercolour Prize at Armidale art Gallery.
'Queen Vics' Corner'

This exhibition continues until the 19h of July so if you are in the Armidale area pop in for a look.

Sunday was a day for curling up in front of the fire and finishing a book I started last week, was very relaxing until I started to pack the car with paintings to deliver to my courier when one was MISSING! Turned the place upside down so in desperation got the man to have a look this morning and lo and behold he found said painting! Disaster averted!

This weekend I will have paintings at the Shoalhaven Art Prize and The Camberwell Rotary Art Show in Melbourne.
For more information and to preview artworks go to

Happy painting!

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