Sunday, 1 June 2014

Artists' Diary Week 7

This last week seems to have flown, I am having a bit of trouble just remembering what I have done. Might have to write the blog on a daily basis! 

As usual had some framing and delivering to do. So no painting Monday and Tuesday! 

Wednesday I managed a morning down near the turf farms at the back of Windsor again. Produced two 12"x10" oils. Am pretty much over the green, need to find some warmer subjects!

Wednesday evening had visitors from Brisbane staying overnight and had a lovely time with them. Thursday was spent with friends studying various artists from around the globe with a lovely lunch cooked by the man of the house!

Friday morning the courier arrived to collect paintings for Grenfell. In the afternoon I drew up a portrait and did the underpainting ready to finish today. My man and I then headed out to our regular dinner and movie night with friends. The film this week was 'Flight' with Denzel Washington. I think I enjoyed it although it did drag on a little.

Saturday saw the three musketeers  Gloria, Marcia and I heading to the city to see the 'Winterlude' exhibition at Artarmon Galleries. The 5 artists participating had some amazing works.

We then headed down to the Royal Art Society at Lavender Bay for the Graeme Inson exhibition. It was fantastic! Here are some examples of his work.

So here we are on Sunday again. This morning I got stuck into the portrait begun on Friday.
It is a full sheet watercolour.

'No Rose Coloured Glasses Here'

My focus now is to prepare work for my show at Breathing Colours, Balmain during the first two weeks of August. 

 An early night might be a good idea and I'll be ready to start the new week refreshed and eager to paint!

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