Sunday, 15 June 2014

Artists' Diary Week 9

Spent the beginning of the week putting some final touches on a few works and framing them up ready for my next show.

Wednesday saw me out painting with Gloria, Marcia and Yvonne at the back of Windsor.
Have been trying to find some boats up on hardstands and lo and behold down the back of where we painted last week I found one. Must be there for the next big flood!
Only had time for the one because my man and I were heading off to Millthorpe after lunch.

10"x12" oil on board 

After the night in Millthorpe with family we all headed out to Dripstone together, the men to do some fencing and me to watch the kids and maybe get some painting done. Managed one, had to chase the kids down as they headed off to find the men!
76cmsx56cms Watercolour

Off they go! With the dog in tow!

The view west, the views are like this 360deg

I did get a reprieve when the eldest read to the others

We headed home Friday for some more family time together and for a major family celebration on Saturday. My father in law had a 90th birthday!

Found out I had won 1st prize in watercolour at the Chelsea Rotary Art Show in Melbourne, was completely surprised by it!
'The Bridge Hotel, Yackandandah'

Sunday was spent relaxing and reading, so not  lot of new work completed but sometimes family time is more important!

So many things coming up but this Friday night I have a work in the Hawkesbury Art Fair.

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