Monday, 17 November 2014

Artists' Diary Week 31

Seems like in the last week I have lived a lifetime!

Tuesday evening headed to the Opera House for a Tori Amos concert, daughter had spare tickets! She performed with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the wave of music just engulfed us. They played superbly and Tori Amos didn't disappoint. The next night it was into Mosman for dinner, again with the daughter. Living in Brisbane we don't get to see each other a lot so it was a nice little sojourn. After dinner we deposited her at the airport!

My plein air painting a day challenge continues, here are a few from this week. Must admit I have missed a couple of days so need to get out and paint a few extras!

On Friday I delivered my paintings for Blacktown City Art Prize, fingers crossed they are selected for hanging!

In between all this I have been madly preparing for my open studio weekends!
All looked wonderful until it rained, had to whip off the outside paintings until it cleared which it did then after rehanging the wind decided to blow! And blow it did! 
Even had new signs made

Georgie giving assistance!

Still, I was happy with the results from this weekend and look forward to next weekend. Had a number of sales and picked up a couple of commissions which I don't normally do but these are right up my alley! The buyers want me to come to the family farm near Grenfell to paint the wonderful old farm buildings!

One of the paintings I did sell was a favourite of mine and has been very kind to me winning a couple of Best in Show awards, three still life awards and a number of Watercolour awards. A regular buyer bought it for her husband for Christmas.

'All Keyed Up' Sold

Feel free to pop in and say hi this weekend and talk all things arty, would love to see you!

Happy Painting!

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