Sunday, 17 August 2014

Artists' Diary Week 18

A very full week has been and gone!

Time was spent in the garden which is my way of relaxing. Tuesday I went to 
Breathing Colours with a good friend and ambled around Balmain. Had a wonderful lunch at The Cat and Fiddle Pub.

Wednesday headed into the studio but the weather was so lovely I just had to indulge the gardening again.

Thursday it was in a friends' studio painting up a storm. Managed two 1/2 sheet watercolours .
 'Brooklyn Vista'
 'Boat Sheds, Dangar island'

Friday headed into the RAS to teach.
 Fridays' subject, 'Early Morning, Ridges Farm'

Have decided to start sketching whilst travelling on the train. One has to be a bit surreptitious. Some people really don't like it whereas others are so interested and like to have a chat which is always nice.

Saturday morning was meant to be painting plein air but it was drizzling. So dry here was happy to forgo the painting for a bit of moisture in the air! The afternoon was spent with family.

Sunday was huge, manned an arts stall at Richmond in the morning.

Jo and Colleen doing their bit.
Whilst waiting for customers I sketched some figures, here are a couple of examples.

After leaving here it was off to Penrith to deliver paintings, then to Balmain to bump out my exhibition where I met up with the delightful Mellissa Read Devine whose solo show is being hung today with the official opening next Saturday at 4pm. This was followed by a quick trip to Lane Cove to collect unsold works from their recent art show.

There are still a couple of vacancies in 
my watercolour workshop coming up soon. I will also be here demonstrating for the Hawkesbury Artists and Artisans Open Studio weekend on the 24th August.

Happy Painting!

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