Monday, 25 August 2014

Artists' Dairy Week 19

What a week that was!

Monday took it easy, just unpacked work from Balmain. Sunday had been so hectic and I was pretty tired. Tuesday was spent with my sister and father (who is almost 91 as he tells everyone) helping him in his little raised garden.

Wednesday spent the morning sorting paintings and rehanging some in the studio. After a quick trip to collect some work from Richmond it was into the studio and completed this painting.

112x76cms, still needs some assessing.

Thursday was the usual painting with friends and discussing artists we have discovered. We spend some time analyzing their work and studying their processes and brushstrokes etc. There really are some incredible artists out there!
Completed this one 'Brooklyn Fishing Boats' 76x56cms

Friday it was off to the RAS. Did some more sketching on the train and here are a couple. I love sketching and it is addictive.

Then there was the weekend!
It began early Saturday morning with a trip to Richmond to spend some time at Magnolia Mall where MTAS had a stand for the HAAT Open Studio weekend.

Sheila Sharp doing her bit to keep everything looking good!

Next it was up the hill to Little River Art Studios, where I was going to be demonstrating guest artist on Sunday, to take some photos. I also visited a couple of other studios in the area and was impressed with the presentation and quality of work. 

Little River Art Studios

Rushed home to change and head to Balmain for Mellissa Read-Devines' opening of her exhibition 'Springsong' at Breathing Colours Gallery. Wonderful, vibrant exhibition!
Mellissa and I at her opening. A colour explosion!!

Sunday was spent demonstrating most of the day and engaging with those who kindly visited the studio and stayed to watch the demos. 
'The Boatshed' 76x56cms
'The Shearing Shed' 60x40cms

I did begin a 3rd painting but it was getting on and someone handed me a glass of wine, needless to say that was the end of that. A wonderful open studio weekend where we met many new and interested patrons.  

Happy painting!

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