Sunday, 27 July 2014

Artists' Diary Week 15

What a week, full of all things arty!
Monday saw me doing a workshop at Toukley, nice bunch of people who looked after me so well and lunch supplied by my new friend Cheryl Bruce was nothing short of spectacular.
We did a streetscape in the morning followed by a landscape.
'Uralla' morning demo 1/2 sheet.

Tuesday was a regular family yum cha day. Was yummy as usual.

It was into the studio on Wednesday and I completed a 110x66cm w/c. A bit of an adrenalin rush with this one. Pretty happy with the result!
'North on Thunderbolt'
This will be in my exhibition.

Thursday was in my friends studio again painting still life.

 Friday was spent at the framers then onto the RAS to teach my Friday afternoon class. Had a break last term but was really happy to be back there again.
Fridays' demo 'Out Near Barry"

The weekend was pretty full, off to Millthorpe then out to Coonamble where we stayed overnight in readiness to meet up with a farmer early Sunday morning. Quickly knocked out this one while my son and my man loaded some sheep. It was pretty cold at 8am.

Headed back to Dripstone where I managed this one while they were unloading sheep and loading firewood.

All in all a great week!
 What is next, well just realized today my exhibition at Breathing Colours, Balmain is next week! Where did July go? I just need to string a few, label and catalogue everything and I will be done and dusted.

See you there!

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