Monday, 9 February 2015

Artists' Diary Week ending February 8th

Spent a whole day sorting paintings, cleaning and stacking ready to go out to upcoming shows. Seven stacks all ready for the courier!

Drove down to Thirroul with some painting friends and to meet up with another who lives locally to paint plein air on Wednesday. So different from my local landscape, really need some time in a place to get to know and understand the light on the subjects.

  Snippets from Austinmer and Thirroul

I am loving painting the wet in wet oils, pushing myself to do more, it is a huge learning curve for me. I am not used to spending so much time on a work and to keep my interest and concentration over a longer period is something I really need to work on!

'Moored' 100x100cms

Fridays' class is building with 10 students, really exhausting but love to see their efforts.
A couple of demo vignettes from last Friday

There are still a couple of vacancies in my group to paint watercolours plein air on Norfolk Island in June. Follow the link if you are interested and I promise you a wonderful time.
Contact Maria who is just lovely and ready to assist.

I have had a number of queries about workshops, classes etc, all can be found on my website

Happy Painting!

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